Why I Just Had the Day From Hell During an Accident Claims Case

Days from hell… they seem to happen far too often in my chosen (well, I say chosen) line of work. Anyway, it’s a Monday and I get assigned a new accident claims and personal injury case by the top dog here at the firm. Nothing unusual in that you would think.

Yeh, you would think.

Things don’t always work out like that though do they?

Anyway, it turns out that this particular case is a whiplash claim. Now, whiplash accident claims have got a bad rep – and rightly so – but I always seem to get given them. I don’t seem to get the work accident claims ever since the unfortunate hot coffee incident on the client visit (story for another time).

So the claimant believes they have whiplash from a rear end shunt. Standard enough. But it turns out the insurance company have just come up with evidence that the whole thing was fabricated due to some handily placed CCTV.

So – 6 hours wasted so far today.

Let’s see what more crap tomorrow brings.

I might have to get drunk.