Merry Christmas to All of My Friends and Family

I’ve not really done much with my blog this year, funny how life gets in the way isn’t it? Last year I posted about you lot being filthy animals, and some of you still are, but great to see how friends like Liam and Dan have run their marathons this year and made a concerted effort to get their fitness on track – something I have tried and so far failed with on my targets!

Do I have any new year resolutions? Yep, and here they are:

  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Get a hobby outside of my job in accident claims and personal injury
  • Lose two stone off my ever-increasing belly size
  • Finally get this blog off the ground and regularly posting comments

So that’s it from me for today, I hope to post weekly from now on and will continue to update you on my resolutions and plans for 2017! You can also follow my progress on Twitter.