Another Ridiculous Accident Claims Statement We Received

How about this for a ridiculous accident claims statement – names removed to protect the innocent!


I was in a work accident in November 2014, and have had three unsuccessful attempts in recovering accident claims compensation – can you please help me get a large amount of money! I need it…

The medical officer stopped the consolidation date to 31/08/2008 compensable without consequences! I asked for the implementation of an expertise procedure to challenge the consolidation date and sent a request to the board for compensation for medical persistent sequels to date. Following information from the social security system, the AT dossier will be switched to illness I said that my arrest extension was made ​​on the AT

Questions:. As of September 1 that will shed my IJ? Secu or employer? (I have 15 years of seniority)

(1 month minimum waiting before the result of the expertise). how high and how

long?. Is it advisable to make a fourth attempt recovery before the end of expertise, for I fear that secu class definitely my file on sick leave and that my employer dismisses me.

I specify that a request for therapeutic halftime I was refused by the employer in October 2007 due to non feasibility.

For now my doctor recommends a test recovery in mid-September, as seen recently rheumatologist, doctor expert for emotional damage. Two MRI scans are scheduled for the end of the month. Personally resuming full time with the workload that awaits me still makes me afraid in view of persistent pain. Neurological treatments put me in a state of drowsiness and dizziness So either I did a cover with Medoc and risk of a second AT or I make an attempt to take pains with accentuating day being unbearable to see.

Thank you for all the advice you can give me because I really afraid of being fired.