My Attempt at Healthy Living with a Garmin Edge (+ Discount Code Inside)

Christ on a bike… almost literally! Over the last week I have been cycling to and from the central London office. I’ve not cycled in many a year and decided to dust down the wheels and attempt to add a modicum of healthy living concessions to my lifestyle.

Those that know me well will kbnow that me and healthy living don’t always mix too well… but I’ve decided to give it a go. One thing that was recommended to me was using a Garmin Edge GPS device on my bike to help me track miles, activity, calories burned, all that type of stuff.

Well, the nice guys over at GPS Bites actually gave me a Garmin Edge to try out for a couple of weeks if I promised to give thm a mention on my blog. So here goes for that part, head on over to GPS Bites if you want to get a discount Garmin coupon when buying your own Edge.

It’s a bloody brilliant piece of kit. It works really simply. You strap it to the handlebars of your bike – and it comes with the straps which is pretty handy. You turn it on and off you go. What it then does is tell you how far you have cycled and how many calories you happen to be burning.

Now, the best bit, for me at least, comes when you aren’t riding. That’s because you can take your Garmin Edge (don’t forget to buy one with a discount code or Garmin coupon code – link above) and connect it (again literally) to Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect is a wicked online service where you can upload your fitness activities, such as my London bike and cycling expeditions and then check them out using the web app. This web apps overlays your cycling routes over a Google map which you can then replay.. how fricking cool is that!

Here is an example of someone doing it… I am not putting mine on here as it will reveal where I live, and of course, I like to be private. Check out this Garmin Edge upload anyway – you can see it below.


Awesome eh! The other cool thing about Garmin connect is that you can look at other cyclists activities – like above – and then replicate that ride yourself to see if you can match it or get fit from it.

I think over the next few months I will be using the Garmin Edge cycling GPS more and more and can’t wait to be in a position where perhaps I could join a cycling club. And of course, I will always ride safe and try to avoid accidents!



Claiming Compensation for a Workplace Accident or Occupational Disease

Compensation for accidents at work claims and occupational diseases complement the total care management. What to know about the amount and duration of compensation and the rules set by the Labour Code and Social Security.

  • The care management
  • Allowances in the event of work stoppage
  • The temporary compensation in case of incapacity
  • Compensation for permanent incapacity for work
  • Read also: Rights occupational disease

The accident claims care management process

Health insurance supports the medical care of the employee victim of a work accident or occupational disease. These costs are taken into account even if the employee’s work is not interrupted. They include medical costs, future operations, drugs, devices (prostheses for example) but also the cost of transportation to the hospital or answer a call of the fund.

Work accident claims can happen in many scenarios.

Work accident claims can happen in many scenarios.

This support takes place until the date of recovery or consolidation of the injury of the employee. To qualify for the reimbursement of care, the victim must submit an accident sheet or occupational disease to health professionals.

Allowances in the event of work stoppage

Throughout the period of temporary disability that forces him to interrupt his work, the victim may receive daily allowances to offset loss of earnings. These amounts are paid by the primary health insurance fund.

In case of accident at work, the working day on which it occurred must be paid by the employer. It’s from the day that the payment of daily allowances can begin. When the employee is suffering from an occupational disease, the payment begins at the 1st day of the judgment. These benefits are paid until the complete cure of the disease or consolidation of the injury of the employee.

The amount of daily allowance is equal to a percentage of the base daily wage.

The temporary compensation in case of incapacity

When the employee is deemed unfit by the occupational physician, he can get an allowance called “temporary incapacity allowance” for a period of one month from the first day following the date of the notice of incapacity up ‘the day of the date of his dismissal or his reclassification.

Compensation for permanent incapacity for work

When, after the illness or accident, the employee is suffering from permanent incapacity for work, he is eligible for compensation from the primary health insurance fund. The failure may be total or partial.

These benefits take the form:

  1. a sum, if the rate of disability is less than 10%;
  2. a life annuity when the rate is equal to or greater than that percentage.

The decision to compensate the victim lies with the health insurance fund. It is she who determines the existence of a permanent incapacity for work, the rate and as appropriate:

  1. the amount of the lump sum capital
  2. the amount of the permanent disability pension.

The permanent disability rate is determined depending on the age of the victim, the nature of his disability, his condition, his physical and mental faculties and his abilities and his professional qualification.

Whatever you do, and whichever route you decide to take I would always advise that you use a personal injury lawyer or accident claims company in all cases. That way you should receive the best compensation payouts possible after an accident at work or work accident claims case.


Another Ridiculous Accident Claims Statement We Received

How about this for a ridiculous accident claims statement – names removed to protect the innocent!


I was in a work accident in November 2014, and have had three unsuccessful attempts in recovering accident claims compensation – can you please help me get a large amount of money! I need it…

The medical officer stopped the consolidation date to 31/08/2008 compensable without consequences! I asked for the implementation of an expertise procedure to challenge the consolidation date and sent a request to the board for compensation for medical persistent sequels to date. Following information from the social security system, the AT dossier will be switched to illness I said that my arrest extension was made ​​on the AT

Questions:. As of September 1 that will shed my IJ? Secu or employer? (I have 15 years of seniority)

(1 month minimum waiting before the result of the expertise). how high and how

long?. Is it advisable to make a fourth attempt recovery before the end of expertise, for I fear that secu class definitely my file on sick leave and that my employer dismisses me.

I specify that a request for therapeutic halftime I was refused by the employer in October 2007 due to non feasibility.

For now my doctor recommends a test recovery in mid-September, as seen recently rheumatologist, doctor expert for emotional damage. Two MRI scans are scheduled for the end of the month. Personally resuming full time with the workload that awaits me still makes me afraid in view of persistent pain. Neurological treatments put me in a state of drowsiness and dizziness So either I did a cover with Medoc and risk of a second AT or I make an attempt to take pains with accentuating day being unbearable to see.

Thank you for all the advice you can give me because I really afraid of being fired.


Why I Just Had the Day From Hell During an Accident Claims Case

Days from hell… they seem to happen far too often in my chosen (well, I say chosen) line of work. Anyway, it’s a Monday and I get assigned a new accident claims and personal injury case by the top dog here at the firm. Nothing unusual in that you would think.

Yeh, you would think.

Things don’t always work out like that though do they?

Anyway, it turns out that this particular case is a whiplash claim. Now, whiplash accident claims have got a bad rep – and rightly so – but I always seem to get given them. I don’t seem to get the work accident claims ever since the unfortunate hot coffee incident on the client visit (story for another time).

So the claimant believes they have whiplash from a rear end shunt. Standard enough. But it turns out the insurance company have just come up with evidence that the whole thing was fabricated due to some handily placed CCTV.

So – 6 hours wasted so far today.

Let’s see what more crap tomorrow brings.

I might have to get drunk.