Need a No Win No Fee Solicitor in London – Choose my Friends

This is an advert for some friends of mine who run a website offering no win no fee legal support for people in London. I have not been paid for this placement, but am purely recommending them given my relationship with them. If you need no win no fee lawyers London then give them a call. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the blog post.

No Win No Fee Solicitors London

As personal injury specialists serving the whole of London, we can support you should you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. We have a panel of dedicated personal injury and no win no fee solicitors who are available at your service right now.

Our team primarily serve the Islington and nearby areas of London, such as Holloway, Hampstead Heath, Camden Town, Soho, Crouch End and East Finchley, but can support any person in the overall London area.

To get started all you need to do is phone us via the details found on our website, or alternatively complete the call back contact form. We might even be able to tell you how much compensation you are due after your accident – or at least give you an estimate on a no win no fee basis.

Why Choose Us for London No Win No Fee Claims?

You should choose to work with us for a number of reasons, some highlights listed below:

  • Our team are highly trained and widely experienced in all areas of accident claims;
  • Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • We quickly assess your cases to let you know if you are able to make a claim;
  • We can give you an estimation of the level of compensation you may be able to claim;
  • Our friendly advisors pride themselves on our high quality customer service; and
  • We fight hard to secure you the maximum level of compensation available to you.

We believe that the most important step towards securing maximum no win nofee compensation is to instruct a team of personal injury solicitors who will fight hard for you, so contact us today to find out how we could help.

Our Accident Claims Expertise

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors in London are highly experienced and qualified in all areas of accident and injury claims, including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Car crash accident claims
  • Motorbike accidents
  • Cycling claims
  • Whiplash claims
  • Head and brain injury claims
  • Slip, trip and fall claims
  • Accidents in public places, such as shops, schools, pubs and nightclubs
  • Back and neck injury claims
  • Shoulder injury claims
  • Leg, knee, ankle and foot claims

Contact Us Now to Get Started

It is important to remember that there is a strict time limit attached to making an accident claim in London and the rest of the UK. The accident claim must be launched within three years of the personal injury taking place.

There are many steps involved in making a claim and information can take a long time to gather.

For example, it can take a while to gather statements from witnesses and be medically assessed by a specialist, so you should not delay in making your claim to allow as much time as possible to gather all the important evidence.

Every year, thousands of people miss the deadline to claim for their injuries, so contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help you.

Finding out whether you have a claim and how much compensation you could be entitled to is easy. All you have to do is call us on our Freephone number or complete our online enquiry form. Our lines are open 24 hours a day.

Personal Injury Solicitors London
330 High Holburn


Telephone: 020 3811 5808



Wishing All My Solicitor Friends a Happy Christmas

It’s nearly that time again! Just wanted to wish all my friends and family a Happy Christmas, especially those personal injury solicitors who I have tirelessly worked with this year. Looking forward to spending much time drinking and eating… meanwhile I thought you might like this video 🙂

PS: Hoping to get together in Mayfair for drinks so if any of you fancy that drop me a line on Facebook…


Get Discount White Office Furniture & Desks for UK Legal Businesses

Excuse the promotional aspect to this post but today I have a great deal for legal businesses, accident claims companies, lawyers, and solicitors who are based in the UK. If you are thinking about an office re-design and are considering buying white office furniture then look no further than Kima Office Furniture. They are run by a friend of mine, so more than happy to give them a little bit of exposure.

Kima are currently offering a massive 25% off for all legal clients who buy online at their web shop. You can see details of this coupon code at the bottom of the article and visit their website below, but first, why buy from this company? And why invest in white office desks, or new white bench desks?

White Office Furniture: Modern Collections – Affordable Discounts
Best prices on office furniture. White sets, office desks, chairs, bench desks. Lowest online prices and discounts. Free shipping. Shop now for daily deals.

Why Choosing White is a Great Option

The colour white is a real current trend when it comes to office design. It offers a clean, corporate, and modern look and feel. When new clients arrive at your office, first impressions are key, in particular when it comes to making an accident claim with a solicitor or lawyer they have never used before.

With Kima it’s possible to buy desks, chairs, tables, drawers, and reception area furniture in stunning white designs which will really take the look of your business to the next level in 2017.

Kima Office Furniture

The Kima website in its full glory

Having spoken to my friend who runs the website and company, he tells me that he has multiple testimonials and reviews from lawyers who have already bought from their white office furniture collections and sets to great affect – you can see many of these reviews in Google and on the Kima website itself. Check them out if you need to validate before buying online with them to put your mind at rest or ease.

About the Kima Company

For more information and in order to view the complete range please visit the official Kima Office Furniture website (I posted the link at the top of this article and review). On their online store you can explore a wide range of fantastic looking items in their white office furniture range including bench desks, office drawers, under-desk drawers, mobile pedestals, chairs, and more.

Current Items

Examples of their current products in stock

Discount Prices and Deals

All items are at rock-bottom prices and are sourced from UK manufacturers who design, build, and manufacture to the latest European and British safety standards. The furniture on display is also tested to the ubiquitous FIRA standards as you would expect.

Free Delivery to Mainland UK Postal Addresses

If your business is located in mainland United Kingdom then you are in luck, as Kima Office Furniture offer free delivery to addresses of this type. It is possible to choose from 7 day free delivery, but if you want something a little quicker then contact them for a next day delivery quote.

Can Be Assembled Upon Request

In addition to free delivery on all white office furniture and white office desks they also offer an assembly service for businesses and companies that order in bulk. This means that qualified agents will put the furniture together on your business premises, and even take away your old office desks and any rubbish that is generated.

All items taken away will be disposed of as environmentally friendly as possible to help reduce carbon footprints and any other issues.

Secure Online Shopping with Shopify

The websites itself is run on the globally popular Shopify eCommerce platform. This means that all of your personal and financial information is kept safe and secure. The website runs on secure technology (HTTPS) and no credit card details are kept on file or ever compromised.

Email Newsletter Containing Current Discounts

When you buy white office furniture via the Kima website you can also sign-up and subscribe to their email newsletter. Each month there will be great offers, coupon codes, and discounts sent out to existing customers.

Get Your Coupon Code for Buying White Office Furniture

Speaking of deals, they also have a great offer for those working in the legal industry, such as lawyers and solicitors. If you work in the accident claims industry or run a legal business then you can save a whopping 25% when checking out by simply using the coupon code LEGAL25. There’s a little box in the check out shopping cart where you can enter in this fantastic promotional code to make a saving on office furniture for your legal business.

When you buy the discount will be applied to your final order amount. After your order has been processed (you can use all major credit cards and PayPal or even Apple Pay). You will receive an email with your full order details including details of your delivery options.


Personal Injury Firms in Shock After Osbourne’s Announcement

I have only recently seen this posted in the UK Law Society’s Gazette – but thought worth re-posting in some format. The article states that George Osborne’s statement regarding small personal injury claims being under review – with potential changes to the legal industry mooted. The Gazette reads as follows (copy and pasted verbatim):

The chancellor used his spending review to propose a ban on general damages for ‘minor’ soft-tissue injuries and a rise to £5,000 of the small claims limit for all personal injury claims. The ban would be effective from April 2017, although the small claims limit change could be brought into force earlier as it would not require primary legislation. 

Osborne said he expected the resulting £1bn saving for the insurance industry to be passed on to consumers through reduced premiums. 

The Law Society condemned the proposals, saying it was concerned that they would undermine citizens’ rights.

This is leading to quite a scary time for many UK based accident claims companies and personal injury solicitors. How the industry will react to open to debate, but one law firm based in Manchester said that they might have to close down if the proposals are implemented.

In addition to that, overnight, one of the biggest personal injury firms in the UK, Slater and Gordon, saw its share price more than halve on the Australian stock exchange.


Merry Christmas to All of My Friends and Family

I’ve not really done much with my blog this year, funny how life gets in the way isn’t it? Last year I posted about you lot being filthy animals, and some of you still are, but great to see how friends like Liam and Dan have run their marathons this year and made a concerted effort to get their fitness on track – something I have tried and so far failed with on my targets!

Do I have any new year resolutions? Yep, and here they are:

  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Get a hobby outside of my job in accident claims and personal injury
  • Lose two stone off my ever-increasing belly size
  • Finally get this blog off the ground and regularly posting comments

So that’s it from me for today, I hope to post weekly from now on and will continue to update you on my resolutions and plans for 2017! You can also follow my progress on Twitter.


My Attempt at Healthy Living with a Garmin Edge (+ Discount Code Inside)

Christ on a bike… almost literally! Over the last week I have been cycling to and from the central London office. I’ve not cycled in many a year and decided to dust down the wheels and attempt to add a modicum of healthy living concessions to my lifestyle.

Those that know me well will kbnow that me and healthy living don’t always mix too well… but I’ve decided to give it a go. One thing that was recommended to me was using a Garmin Edge GPS device on my bike to help me track miles, activity, calories burned, all that type of stuff.

Well, the nice guys over at GPS Bites actually gave me a Garmin Edge to try out for a couple of weeks if I promised to give thm a mention on my blog. So here goes for that part, head on over to GPS Bites if you want to get a discount Garmin coupon when buying your own Edge.

It’s a bloody brilliant piece of kit. It works really simply. You strap it to the handlebars of your bike – and it comes with the straps which is pretty handy. You turn it on and off you go. What it then does is tell you how far you have cycled and how many calories you happen to be burning.

Now, the best bit, for me at least, comes when you aren’t riding. That’s because you can take your Garmin Edge (don’t forget to buy one with a discount code or Garmin coupon code – link above) and connect it (again literally) to Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect is a wicked online service where you can upload your fitness activities, such as my London bike and cycling expeditions and then check them out using the web app. This web apps overlays your cycling routes over a Google map which you can then replay.. how fricking cool is that!

Here is an example of someone doing it… I am not putting mine on here as it will reveal where I live, and of course, I like to be private. Check out this Garmin Edge upload anyway – you can see it below.


Awesome eh! The other cool thing about Garmin connect is that you can look at other cyclists activities – like above – and then replicate that ride yourself to see if you can match it or get fit from it.

I think over the next few months I will be using the Garmin Edge cycling GPS more and more and can’t wait to be in a position where perhaps I could join a cycling club. And of course, I will always ride safe and try to avoid accidents!



Claiming Compensation for a Workplace Accident or Occupational Disease

Compensation for accidents at work claims and occupational diseases complement the total care management. What to know about the amount and duration of compensation and the rules set by the Labour Code and Social Security.

  • The care management
  • Allowances in the event of work stoppage
  • The temporary compensation in case of incapacity
  • Compensation for permanent incapacity for work
  • Read also: Rights occupational disease

The accident claims care management process

Health insurance supports the medical care of the employee victim of a work accident or occupational disease. These costs are taken into account even if the employee’s work is not interrupted. They include medical costs, future operations, drugs, devices (prostheses for example) but also the cost of transportation to the hospital or answer a call of the fund.

Work accident claims can happen in many scenarios.

Work accident claims can happen in many scenarios.

This support takes place until the date of recovery or consolidation of the injury of the employee. To qualify for the reimbursement of care, the victim must submit an accident sheet or occupational disease to health professionals.

Allowances in the event of work stoppage

Throughout the period of temporary disability that forces him to interrupt his work, the victim may receive daily allowances to offset loss of earnings. These amounts are paid by the primary health insurance fund.

In case of accident at work, the working day on which it occurred must be paid by the employer. It’s from the day that the payment of daily allowances can begin. When the employee is suffering from an occupational disease, the payment begins at the 1st day of the judgment. These benefits are paid until the complete cure of the disease or consolidation of the injury of the employee.

The amount of daily allowance is equal to a percentage of the base daily wage.

The temporary compensation in case of incapacity

When the employee is deemed unfit by the occupational physician, he can get an allowance called “temporary incapacity allowance” for a period of one month from the first day following the date of the notice of incapacity up ‘the day of the date of his dismissal or his reclassification.

Compensation for permanent incapacity for work

When, after the illness or accident, the employee is suffering from permanent incapacity for work, he is eligible for compensation from the primary health insurance fund. The failure may be total or partial.

These benefits take the form:

  1. a sum, if the rate of disability is less than 10%;
  2. a life annuity when the rate is equal to or greater than that percentage.

The decision to compensate the victim lies with the health insurance fund. It is she who determines the existence of a permanent incapacity for work, the rate and as appropriate:

  1. the amount of the lump sum capital
  2. the amount of the permanent disability pension.

The permanent disability rate is determined depending on the age of the victim, the nature of his disability, his condition, his physical and mental faculties and his abilities and his professional qualification.

Whatever you do, and whichever route you decide to take I would always advise that you use a personal injury lawyer or accident claims company in all cases. That way you should receive the best compensation payouts possible after an accident at work or work accident claims case.